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Born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Genre: #Instrumental Rock
Label: Independent

Uruguayan composer and musician with extensive experience.

He has received training in classical and electric guitar.


His musical career has led him to play guitar and bass in and out of Uruguay, with very well known bands like Shock and La Tabaré. He has participated in the recording of 4 albums, as well as collaborations with various musicians.

Today he is dedicated to the composition, recording and performance of instrumental music.


"Diego Chapuis' first solo work sums up an experienced musician, with the veteran interpreter in details, but with the spirit of the search for the novice who seeks to be Himself, that place so difficult to find in the plethora of imitators and technical gymnasts of nowadays. An album where the harmonic goes hand in hand with expressionism, where the riff is a friend of the melody, where the rhythm is the duet with good taste." "Conexión" is more than a pleasant surprise, it leaves the anxiety of "I hope the new job comes soon!"

Ernesto Sclavo
El Factor S - Radio (MetalArgentum Argentina, TNT Radiorock Spain, ISKC Radio Group USA-Holland) / Madhouse, Epopeya, Requiem, Music Expert, Metal, Pelo Magazines in Argentina. / Kerrang, Heavy Rock Magazines in Spain


Vic Barneix



"Y otra vez" video, from the album "Conexión". 

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